I was staring at the sunset/guitar picture on some posts below and I felt a longing.

It felt like the picture is still alive to me. As if it'll damage my eyes if I look at the sun long enough ...

When I went to Boracay I was out to squeeze out all the fun I could muster, take in the scents and sounds, and breathe the lights and sights through my eyes.

When I went to Palawan I was out to take on something new and have never seen before. I was not disappointed.

When I went to Sagada I was out to rediscover serenity that can only be brought about by untainted air and a placid mind.

When I went to Cebu I was out to dare an adventure I have never dreamed of doing, and experience being with beautiful people (in heart, hehe).

In each of them, I wanted to look at the stars on a clear night sky, let it remind me that I am here, I am now, I am a part of a big thing I can never comprehend. And that all my troubles are really just a teeny-tiny thing, almost insignificant, to a universe that is here before I was born and will still be here long after I'm gone.

I wanted to show this world one big spark, a shout that I was here, I lived, I existed, and that I am part of the flaming cinders of a spectacular firework.

The world is good. Yeah, I want to repeatedly remind myself of that through sunsets and beer and the over all feeling of being alive.

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(btw, the pic and concept was taken by Luther Van Floss so as to give credit to whom it is due)

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Might be planning another Palawan trip later this year! Stay tuned!