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"Di kita pipilitin sundin mo pa ang yong damdamin ..."

I am not a simple person, that much is certain.

My head is a continual whirlpool-washing-machine of questions, simulations, and to-do lists of which only about 7% gets done (yes, I'm the epitome of a wasted mind). It can really tire me and cause some sort of soft pain at the back of my skull.

That's why I need to listen to music. It has a healing effect and helps stop redundant brain processes inside my skull.

More than that, it even helps me make sound (yes, the pun) decisions, as in literally out of the song lyrics o_O

So the songs I usually have in my roster are band music and stuff, regardless of genre and publicity. I'd like to note however, that the first cassette tape I bought was Enya, the one with the Carribean Moon song. Man, I loved dreaming while listening to that.

On a side note, I do suspect my brain is wired all wrong. So if there are any neurologists out there can help explain stuff, here's your chance.

- I'm left handed, but my strong arm is the right
- bad at directions, yeah I have that "the-other-left" problems
- logical computations intrigue me a lot, but I have artsy tendencies. What gives?

Ah well, that's that. Wouldn't want to squeeze anything more.

Gah, I'm getting hungry. Time to chow.