Today I woke up with half my brain feeling numb. No, I did not drink anything that may cause so the night before. It probably is because my body is still adjusting to getting back to regular shift.

Which sort of sucks because I couldn't play RAN in the usual hours when the cafes are open. I couldn't believe that I'm having lapses of falling asleep!

Yeah, at 8 pm my body is looking for some sleep. Why last night, being awake at 9:30 pm felt like staying up late. Woke up at about 5 am today. I would thought about jogging it up, but I would love to only if I can stay later than 10 pm tonight.


Also today, we have a new onsite team member, and I probably sensed what was coming from a mile away -- we have a live fish.

Meaning someone who'll be pushing their weight around to get things done. I mind things like this, but on a technical aspect, we need people like that around. Most especially to discipline mavericks and loose cannons like myself.


I miss being with my old team. Two of them just came back from onsite, but it still don't feel the same. And when new people go into the mix, I feel like going out.

Knowing this, I almost felt like I missed my Aboitiz days. Yeah, there were bad times, but a lot of good times were in it. I even missed travelling through both MRT and LRT just to get to work.

Or maybe not.

The stress there can be overwhelming if you don't know who's on your back. When I was there, I knew who I can work with. But unfortunately, mutiny in the ranks was abound. Anarchy was everywhere. Sigh.

It was a wasted project. And so I continue filling up my resume with major league projects that never get to finish. Not that it matters when applying for jobs in my league.

I want out.

I know it isn't wise to just jump ship with no life line. I can go at least half a year unemployed, but unfortunately, there are people who depend on me. And when that's the case, things can go away really fast.

I've mused into going into a business of some sort. That trip to Cebu taught me a lot of lessons with enterpreneurship. You can see that place is breathing it. Haven't thought a lot of being my own boss though.

If i did, that would have spelled the end of my procrastination. Coincidentally, I've already bought books, magazines and stuff about it. I just couldn't dive without knowing something first.

Maybe I should go farming ^_^