I've been reading through a panel of Alien loves Predator comic >>click here<<

I've realized that yeah, once you see trash on the floor, pretty soon you'll see more. Why? If it looks okay that it remains there, people think it'll be okay to 'add a bit' to the garbage. Because hey, if it's there at least the cleaners can have it easy to clean all in one big sweep. Wrong :p

Treating small crimes as seriously as big crimes almost makes sense. If law is as meticulous as that, would you think it'll add up to big crimes being controlled? I know of the old bubblegum tales in Singapore, but if people could implement discipline at such a basic level, what more with much more important issues?

One has to consider though, that as stringent as these kind of implementations are, there will always be people feeling strangled. Or those who start whining about Orwell's "Big Brother" crap.

Kung nahihiya kang magkalat, mahihiya ka ring lumabag sa ibang patakaran ng lipunan.