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Mmm, chaos ...

Gonna play tomorrow!

IGN: EaterOfEyes
School: Sacred Gate
Type: Dex Swordsman

Kuusuke Motoko is one of the prestigious students who were lucky to be enrolled in Sacred Gate, one of the four mysterious schools founded by the Sacred Financial Group. A lazy dreamer, Kuu just can't figure out why he has to go to school for and only really wants to stay home. All the rigorous mental and physical training simply is just pointless to him.

Then one strangely lit dusk, he felt dread while walking home. A malignant feeling permeating the air and slowly creeping through his nerves. Out of instinct, he rapidly unsheathed his training sword to block what seems to be an assault.

From his peripheral view he saw a dog, its fur manging and partially rotting, looking at him with cold, undead eyes. The creature, as if with a sentient telepathy, shown him visions of despair and darkness. A hurtling meteor will fall down from the sky and dictate the start of an era of chaos.

The creature seemingly delighted at the silent terror in Kuu's face. Then, with a sudden switch of expression, Kuu's eyes became unnerivingly malevolent in apperance. With a blinding strike, Kuu punched through the creature's head. It then fell into a convulsing heap.

"The world will know hopelessness, Kuusuke, Eater of Eyes", said the creature while looking at Kuu. "You will be there to see it. And in the end, you will relish it."

Kuu buried his sword into the undead dog's skull. "Eater of Eyes, eh?"

"I dunno what nonsense is that, but I think I like that name, just not the relish part."

Kuu wiped his sword with rags, sheathed it, and faced the dying red sun.

Weeks later, Leonair, the sister campus of Sacred Gate, was mysteriously obliterated by a yet to be identified cause.

"Something is wrong with the world", Kuu heard himself speak as he watched the news on TV.

"And if I can't stay home because of it, then I guess I need to do something about it". Lazily, Kuu equipped his sword and went into the darkening streets of his home town ...