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From one senti to another senti
despite the accusations of the owner of this blog that i am promoting the TV station i am working in, i will post this song i discovered while watching the american idol finals sung by carrie underwood and country artist rascal flatts. quentin has no senti blood in him so i am honored to do this post.

all right i take it back. he has his moments. :) and hopefully we finally find the right road to tread on. aww, so senti. lech. :P

Bless The Broken Road
Rascal Flatts

I set out on a narrow way many years ago
Hoping I would find true love along the broken road
But I got lost a time or two
Wiped my brow and kept pushing through
I couldn't see how every sign pointed straight to you
Every long lost dream lead me to where you are
Others who broke my heart they were like northern stars
Pointing me on my way into your loving arms
This much I know is true
That God blessed the broken road
That led me straight to you

I think about the years I spent just passing through
I'd like to have the time I lost and give it back to you
But you just smile and take my hand
You've been there you understand
It's all part of a grander plan that is coming true

Every long lost dream lead me to where you are
Others who broke my heart they were like northern stars
Pointing me on my way into your loving arms
This much I know is true
That God blessed the broken road
That led me straight to you
The Broken Cord
How do you do something for the first time? Funny question isn't it? I'm sure everybody has that thing they are dying to do but wouldn't want to do it because well ... it'll cause them to die? That when you actually commit yourself on the act or thing or whatever, it'll transform you into a whole you new different, uh, you and you're not sure you would have wanted that. Because it'll either bring you to new heights or send you into the deepest pits of despair, along with used diapers.

Sort of like bungee jumping. I mean you could die there if you used a cord longer than the height (or the elasticity of the cord extending down to the ground, yeow!). Yet to some, it is the only way to remind them that they are alive, a living, breathing creature who has to prove to the world that "I AM HERE!!"

Kinda losing your virginity. Hehe. Ok me go now.
Never on Sunday
Got the band rehearsing last Sunday, and goddamnit I hope they're joking when they're considering letting me fill in on one of the songs. One, I have like, stage fright and singing in front of a crowd mean my voice will be trembling like I have hypothermia, second I'll kill them all >:D

Anyway, only last saturday was I able to unravel Patty's hidden agenda on choosing the CH2 for the band. What is it you ask? It freaking stands for Channel 2!! Hah! We've been sold!

Well ... not really :}

/end rant
Happy Days
There you have it folks, the official name for our little band of wedding singers is CH2.

Patty coined it which is short for Chelo's Chikers :D Chelo liked it, as well as the gang including myself. So there you have it.

Frankly, the geek in me like it because it sort of represent a chemical compound. Carbon Hydride?

Quentin signing off
I Detest Quizzes
But hey, one or two is not so bad every now and then

You scored as Yippy Ki Yay!. Its good to experiment with kissing. Youve about perfected the art of kissing. Its fun to do! For those of you who didnt know, some studies show the bigger the lips the better the kisser. Just remember gentle kisses on the lips, and some tongue, and altering the speed etc., can feel really good too. Here some helpful tips: 1. be ready 2. no smoking 3. start out slow 4. up intensity *for romantic kissing touch the cheek *touch the neck and go down toward back to heat things up 5. develop a rythm 6. change it up 7. pay attention to hands *holding or other 8. experiment 9. respond to partner 10. repeat!

Yippy Ki Yay!


Your more of a class act than youre giving yourself credit for


Romantic Kisser


How good do you kiss?
created with
Poetry: Some Poetry Entitled "No"

Will there be enough sand in the world
For me to write one million disposable sonnets?
Will I have enough time in my life sold
To do everything I've ever wanted?

Will I find what I most sought after
On all things thinkable, on desired things unwritten?
Will I spend the rest of my life in laughter
Along with welcome pain, all in love beholden

Should I say to the world "I have done it!"
But at the back of my mind, unsaid, "Not yet!"?
Should I pause, think, go slow and steady?
Or take the chance, carpe diem, and not fret?

Could I ever be someone in the history of man?
Could I ever be the shining morning star of yore?
Could all of these ramblings be for idle and naught?
Perhaps yes, maybe no, so what will you spend your life for?
Summer Part 2
This has been the most eventful summer of my life. Whilst in the past, I'll just sulk my gloomy self in some corner of my room under some glow-light typing at the keyboard, this year I think I had a healthy does of sunshine -- well at least those that can pass through the shade >:D

I get to be really drunk (and become Superman as the more sober buds told me thereafter), which I came to the beaches for anyway, and I'd get to meet and talk with really, really (albeit way off my age bracket) pretty chics for the night -- Luther, Bless Your Soul -- ofcourse the pleasure is enough there as we had another drinking session to be held back at the place where we stayed in.

What's more, I'd get to hear Normal (?) Chelo's enchanting voice, and Horny Chelo's rowdy laughter (or calling me gago, hehehe) which sort of like has to be a given in gatherings like this. Also, I'm a fan of any guitarist, two of which are in the group, Chickboy Mel and Chicker Noni, hehehe. Ofcourse with a crazy bunch like this, you need sane people to balance it like Body Dancer Glen hehehehe, and the Chuwariwap-Alkachupas girls: Patty, Joy, Ann, and Jenette (?)

And now, to practice some guitar solo pieces ...
Sis Twinty !!
Ever the ray of sunshine. Wuv yu !!

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And She said "Hullo"
I was going to the pantry to buy my lunch (for a really bargain price of Php 40 !!). I was on the door, with a lazy look on my face, biting my lips when Carla came out of the pantry and said "Hullo".

Since I'm not sure if I was even smiling with my lips bitten to merit a greeting, I proceeded to smile at her with my eyes. Pretty woman. Maybe she's just unsure how to react to a guy biting his lips and sporting a Mugatu hairstyle. I even don't want to get near anyone today because I'm wearing weather-spoiled clothes. You know, laundry smell funny when rained on while hanging them to dry in the sun, even though I used fabric conditioner.

After I got out of the pantry and bought my lunch, I took a quick look at her workplace which is just beside it. Pretty woman.
The Mirror that Looks Back at You
Sometimes I would think, have I really became the person I wanted to be? More than five years ago, I would tell myself, "I'm just a kid". And hell, it was true. Too true.

Heck, I'm not even able to make and defend opinions myself. I'd just say "yes" just so there's no trouble, and secretly brood over it. To some extent, I still do. Today, I take comfort on the fact that, I may not have the life I wanted or would have wanted to do things differently then, but it's over. This is the man of the moment now.

I'd secretly gloat at this triumph, look at the young'uns and wonder what they may not be able to achieve the things I have in terms of wisdom. But there is no wisdom where there is lack of humility. After all, humility is not just a virtue, ironically, it's can be the only thing that can save your pride.

Like when I accuse people of being dazzled by superficiality instead of substance. When in fact, I myself can't even separate the two and would probably drop the 'substance' part altogether. Just because it has style instead of functionality. If you don't know what I'm talking about, then let's use it on a practical situation: checking out chics >:D

Summer is doing this to my brain I tell you! Damn you SUMMER! Aaaargkh
Cool, found a place where I can enroll in a kick boxing class. And it's just behind our office building. Yay!

I can now have an excuse not to go to the office, tell my boss that I have a case of broken bones :)
Lying Low on Blog
I am uh, sort of busy. But here are the tasks I need to do at the moment:

- study for the Java Certification Exam (what? After like, 4 years?)
- finish wasted_gurl's blog design -_-
- stop playing Warcraft III
- find someplace where I could practice swimming. Either that or
- enroll in some martial arts class (for the nth time!)
- date Carla? Nah
- date Payo? Nah
- date Eunice? Nah
- obviously, I'm not in the mood for introducing a woman into my life right now. Still hoping against hope about something ...
Guest Article: 031905
by joycey of hifi

Nag-iisa na naman ako. Nakakulong sa kwarto, nilulunod ang sarili sa himig ng aking radyo. Napatingin ako sa monitor ko. Andun ang larawan ng aming canteen sa Bene na kinunan ko para sa project namin sa PA. Dahil sa pagliliwaliw, naisipan kong hanapin ang iyong mukha sa madla. Saka ko lang napagisip-isip na sa may grandstand ka pala tumatambay. Natawa ako sa sarili ko. Naisip ko, bat ba kita hinahanap? Ang alam ko, wala naman talaga akong gusto sa'yo. Nagsimula lang talaga yon sa mga biro-biro.. Ah, mga biro nga naman.

Di mo minsan mahuhulaan kung anong pwedeng maging epekto nito sa tao. Ewan.. Sa'yo, ano kaya naging epekto ng mga biro ko dati sa'yo? Kasi pakiramdam ko, parang di na biro ang nararamdaman ko e. Yak, oo, korni na'ko. Hindi nga natural sa'kin ang pagsulat ng mga ganitong bagay.

Habang tinatanto ko ang mga salitang iyon sa aking isipan, naisipan kong kumuha ng kumot dahil tumatalab na ang lamig sa aking katawan. Mga tatlong kanta na ang napapatugtog sa radyo. Karamihan ng mga kasama ko sa bahay ay tulog na.. Marahil kami na lang ng pinsan ko ang gising. Marahil parehas kaming may iniisip. Siya, iniisip niya malamang si Pam.

Ako? Iniisip ko? Ewan.. Ikaw kaya? Siguro. Nakakatawa noh? Sa dinami-dami ng "boylets" ko, ikaw ang naisip kong isipin. Kung tutuusin, ikaw lang din ang naiiba sa kanila. Sila kasi, matangkad, medyo maputi at medyo chinito. Ikaw? Maliit, medyo maitim at normal ang laki ng mata. Ang labo no? Ano naman kaya ang nagustuhan ko sa'yo? Haay.. Ang korni ko na talaga. Maraming palaisipan na ang naglalaro sa utak ko. Tiningnan ko ang relo ko, at nakitang mag-uumaga na. Haay, hindi pa rin ako dinadalaw ng antok, naisip ko. Ngunit ng oras na iyon, napahikab ako. Ibinaling ko na lang ang atensyon ko sa monitor, patuloy ang pagsulat ng mga nasa isipan ko.

Yan tuloy, nasulat kita.

Nang mga oras na iyon, bumalik sa isip ko ang mga nangyari nung nag-outing ang pangkat nating kina Santi. Lalo na nung nag "bonding sessions" tayo. Nung naturo sa'yo yung bote, natahimik ako. Inisip ko agad kung ano ang sasabihin ko sa'yo, kahit di pa ako yung magsasalita. Alam ko na inaasar ako nina Balugs non. Oo, tinatanggi ko ang mga pang-aasar nila. Pero sa loob-loob ko, ano ba talaga? Sa aking pag-iisip, nakatulog ako ng saglit. Ni di ko napansin na ako na pala ang magsasalita. Inasar na naman nila ako, pero itinawa ko na lang iyon.

Habang nagsasalita ako ng tungkol sa'yo, hindi ako makatingin sa'yo. Ewan ko nga e. Bakit kaya? E dati naman halos utus-utusan kita saka dinadaldal kita. Ngayon ni
tingnan ka lang, di ko magawa. Nang si "Tita Anna" na ang nagsalita, nagulat ako ng itinanong niya kung "girlfriend material" ako. Dahil hindi ko alam ang sasabihin mo, itinago ko na lang ang mukha ko sa unan, ngunit sumulip ako ng kaunti upang makita ko kung ano ang reaksyon mo. Ikaw naman, nakangiti ka lang. Nakakaloko ka talaga. Ngunit nagulat ako ng bigla kang tumungo at sinabing oo. Dinugtungan pa ni Ms.G ang tanong niya..

"Sa tingin mo, liligawan mo siya?"

Oo, inaamin ko na sa mga oras na iyon ay medyo kinikilig na ako, ngunit hindi ko ipinakita iyon. Napangiti na lang talaga ako sa'yo ng sumagot ka ng oo. Ngunit hindi ako umasa - alam kong iba ang iyong gusto, pero pinipilit ko ang sarili ko sa iyo. Pasensiya na ha? Sakto naman na pinapatugtog sa radyo yung isang kanta na nakaka-"senti". Bumalik ako sa pagsusulat at patuloy ako sa pag-isip sa mga nangyari. Nang ako na ang naturo, tumahimik ako upang pakinggan ang mga sasabihin niyo. Oo nga pala, salamat pala sa mga sinabi niyo; pangako na babaguhin ko ang mga masasama kong ugali.

Nang ikaw na ang nagsalita, tumigil ako. Naisip ko, ano kaya ang sasabihin mo? Sinabi mo rin yung mga sinabi nila. Kaso nagulat ako ng dugtungan mo ng, "nagulat nga ako nung sabay kaming nakatulog sa simbahan, natutulog nga siya sa balikat ko, magkapatong yung ulo namin."

Nagulat ako. Hinalukay ko ang aking alaala. Nangyari ba iyon? Ang naalala ko lang kasi ay nakatulog nga ako, pero hindi ako sumandal sa balikat mo. Ngunit hindi natuloy ang paghahanap ko ng alaala dahil nagsimula na naman akong asarin nila. "Soul mates!" ang sigaw ni Aiza sa tabi ko. Soul mates? Natawa ako. Ngayon lang tayo naging close e..

Pero.. Pwede rin. Hahaha. Oo, alam kong napakababaw na ng mga naisusulat ko. Dahan dahang lumalamig ang panahon sa kwarto ko. Hindi na kinaya ng kumot na sanggain ang lamig na galing sa electric fan. Naisipan kong patayin ang kompyuter. Masyado ng malalim ang gabi, kailangan ko pang matulog, naisip ko. Pagkapatay ko ng kompyuter, naghanda na akong matulog. Habang nakahilata ako sa kama ko, natulala ako sa may kisame namin. Naisip kita.

Kinilig man ako sa mga sinabi mo, ayoko pa ring umasa dahil baka masaktan lang ako. Ngunit, naisip ko, bat di ko kayang subukang masaktan? Wala namang mawawala sa akin. Pero mababaw lang naman ako. Naisip ko yung huling text mo sa'kin.

"Mamimis kita..."

At sa mga sandaling iyon, hindi ko namalayan na nakatulog na'ko.


Nothing like puppy love, hehehe - Quents
Haunted by a Past Memory
Today, even though it is an impersonal mail, I saw your name once again, beckoning me to respond. In that instant, I felt a jolt in my brain that is about to trigger anger and hate.

Please leave me alone. I am no longer your friend. I no longer know you.
Guitar Tabs: Same Ground
Kitchie Nadal

My love,
Its been a long time since i cried
And left you out of the blue.
Its hard leaving you that way when
I never wanted to.
Self-denial is a game Its strange i never would've
Wanted if until there was you.
'Cause i have learned that love is beyond
What human can imagine,
The more it clears the more i have to let you go.

But now i don't understand why im feeling
F#m7 D
So bad now when i know it was my idea.
I could've just denied the truth and lied.
F#m7 D
But why am i the only one standing stranded
On the same ground?

My love,
Its been a long time since i cried
And left you out of the blue.
Its hard leaving you that way when
I never wanted to.
Self-denial is a game Its strange i never would've
Wanted if until there was you.
'Cause i have learned that love is a
Word gets thrown a little bit too much.
The best excuse to fill the infinite abyss
I never ever have to fail


If all else fail
Would you be there to love me?
When all else fail,
Would you be brave to see right through me?
Me, The Pseudo-Alcoholic
It's a funny thing which I imply to my friends that I am a beer guzzler or your run-o-the-mill hard drinker. Whenever there's an occasion, I always mention if there's alcohol involved -- and if it is enough to make me drunk.

I really don't have that much angst nowadays to justify the euphoria of imbibing Bacchus' gifts. Maybe I do it because I'm happy. Gee, haven't used that word on me in a long, long while.

I don't think I'll live a life of regular drinking. Heck I wouldn't want to have any of them drinks in my fridge. Well maybe a couple of bottles of those fruity-tasting wines. Because you know, I'm such a baby -- I prefer having milk and juices in there.

Summertime !!
It was a night at Puerto Galera
And all the chics were swimming
A tequila there, a videoke here
Spent the night laughing and singing

I wish I could philosophize right now about existence and mortality, but no. I think I'll just relax and enjoy the heat of summer, the good times that's happening, and everything going fine.

I left my cellphone at the condo for one weekend, and people started missing me, hahaha. Pretty ironic for a solitary dawg like me. Maybe I'm taking things like this for granted. Then again, let me handle my own regrets later.

Summer means things going fast
Summer is when seizing the day is the only thing to do

Couldn't stop the sweating -- it's really hot. But a good kind of hot, so long as you don't stay too long under the sun :D

You can still talk to me
While summer is here
The same season I met you
The same reason I'm here

I think I'll go learn some real swimming. Learn wind surfing as well. End post.

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