How do you do something for the first time? Funny question isn't it? I'm sure everybody has that thing they are dying to do but wouldn't want to do it because well ... it'll cause them to die? That when you actually commit yourself on the act or thing or whatever, it'll transform you into a whole you new different, uh, you and you're not sure you would have wanted that. Because it'll either bring you to new heights or send you into the deepest pits of despair, along with used diapers.

Sort of like bungee jumping. I mean you could die there if you used a cord longer than the height (or the elasticity of the cord extending down to the ground, yeow!). Yet to some, it is the only way to remind them that they are alive, a living, breathing creature who has to prove to the world that "I AM HERE!!"

Kinda losing your virginity. Hehe. Ok me go now.