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I wish you to sense my presence.
To know that I am not somewhere "out there",
but just a dimension away.
Always interacting with you and infusing you with love and protection,
if you allow me to do so.
So for just a moment.
Close your eyes and see if you can sense the warm,
soothing flow of love that I am sending to you.
You may feel a tingling,
or a feeling of expansion,
or a mellow sense of well being,
but make no judgments.
Just allow.

"Be with me my angel, even if your heart was never mine
Be with me my moon, even if it's not for me you'll shine
I am lost, a bringer of sorrow, I stain the ground with my tears
Let me fly beyond the sunset, and sing my love in your ears"
- Q.Montejo, Song to the Sunset Maiden


This is my last entry for this week and for the most part of next week. I will go there for a lot of personal reasons. To laugh, even cry, and cherish life, love, and learning. It'll be fun, it'll be memorable, and I'll enjoy every minute of it.

And maybe, just maybe, I will again be at peace with the world.


Enough of the drama and let's par-tay!