- Pauline Schroeder

For a friend ... it really sounded like a woman =_= hence, Pauline. Maybe I should rename this as "Message of the Undying 3"?


You see it's not about being two incompatible pieces of a puzzle
I am not as rigid and insipid as some puzzle piece, and so are you

This is really not about some illusionary chemistry between people
For one, it is more important that we actually listen to each other

This is not about some gimmick other people do to themselves
It's not about I'm hot or not, but because we have something real here

More than just because we look good together that we stick
It's for a reason that we're cool even if things don't go our way

There is an us, while you can still be you, and I can still be me
Nothing changes that, and that's reason none of this has gone boring

It's not that we're so different that we should change for each other
But it's because we acknowledge that and grow together despite it all

So don't fool around thinking that it's okay because it is NOT okay
You do not tell me there is something logical in that, because it's NOT

I'm sorry is all you have to say for all that stupidity you did?
I'm sorry too, but all that it's gonna be is good bye for you