Okay buds, here's the deal. Things to do at Bora, as suggested by rosey-poo:

- shooters @ cocomangas
- jony's fruit shakes
- parasailing (costs Php 1500)
- snorkeling (kinda boring)
- fish feeding (erhm ...)
- island hopping (back to Luzon? hehe)
- picture taking @ the grotto in front of Willy Beach Resort
- some other we can think of

and for the miscellany and stuff to talk about
- gripe about life
- gripe about women
- gripe on an absolute stranger
- gripe about work
- gripe about griping
- gripe on a topless sunbather
- other miscellaneous griping
- set each other's shorts on fire
- set each other's nose hairs on fire
- set our packs on fire
- setting whatever is flammable nearby

These are best done mayhaps with those shooters.

We also have stuff to do in Kalibo, though not sure what's to look for in there. The Ignito caves? How bout we just snort coke and throw rocks at people?

Well ok. Just being helpful =_=