Ok, this is the second time I made this goof.

The first one was when I was supposed to encash a check and went into Metrobank just beside El Pueblo. I was all grin and stuff, and then the teller lady said

"This is for Unionbank you stupid fucker".

Okayyyy. Now you see, I am absolutely sure Metrobank and Unionbank were using the same fonts for their branch names. Yeah, that's got to be it. I mean I'm a right-brained kind of guy and the only thing I can understand are pictures.

Now the second one just today.

I was looking for Unionbank in Libis located in IBM Plaza. The guard sadly informed me that all the Unionbank I'll see here will be ATM machines. The only Unionbank around was on the other side of the street.

Okay, I said. Now why would they have a misleading address on the check? "They probably relocated", I said to myself. Besides the check was issued a good five months ago. I mean, anything can happen.

So there I was, in front of Unionbank. I showed the guard the check and he said.

"Dude, this is for Equitable Bank you stupid fucker".

Seeing the bank logo just above the printed address, I solemnly made my exit. I am now absolutely sure that my left and right brain are cross-wired all wrong.

"Gotta have that lobotomy", I said to myself.