I will be the first one to say a disclaimer: I really am no authority on relationships, moreso for women. Well, maybe I have a say, having dated women from all sorts of professions and scenarios in my early twenties up until after mid-twenties (mellowed down after that). I have known quite a number of personality types, encountered horrifying situations, and gone through nasty temptations.

The good news is, I have no skeletons in my closet. The bad news is, I never learn -_- *intro Buses and Trains*

Ofcourse, this post is not about me :} I'm sure you people already have received forwarded e-mails about stuff like this. But that just destroys the fun does it not? I hate sounding like a counselor or Dr. Phil though, because that's just so boring. That dude who made the book "He's Not Into You" is kinda cool, but then again, I'd hate to think I'll agree to every point he makes.

Some good stuff out there:

1. He is not the last man on this earth and there is more to life than being stuck in a dead-end relationship.
>> Dead-end can possibly mean a relationship that's not even growing. I can't say for relationships that revolves only around shagging, because it seems some people can handle it. Not a thing for me though, eeegh.

2. Life goes on even if you are hurt.
>> You have a life before him and you WILL have a life after. I think I'll have to patent that line.

3. You can heal and have your self esteem rebuilt.
>> Sometimes it's also a choice to heal up >_< that's why I am blunt with the question if a person becomes cynical or not after a bad relationship. Because after that, some women make sweeping generalizations like "All men are chauvinists" or "All men just want hot monkey love". It's self-defeating, and I hate seeing it on exceptionally smart women.

4. You can dream again regardless of your age, health status or number of kids.
>> You would probably name a number of movies made with this agenda in mind. Especially that movie about two retards falling in love ... anybody know what it is?

5. You can still go back to school and get your confidence back.
>> Reminds me of single moms. I think I'll make a separate post about it, since I did date a single mom at one point in my life.

6. Yes, you can be financially independent and make it big on your own.
>> Stories abound for this one. Just watch those Oprah Winfrey shows ... or Ating Alamin XD

7. Never make a ‘man’ your God – he is only human like you.
>> I am living under a rock, when I say I have never met anyone who treats his man like a God. I mean, how could you even do that? Don't you even have a spine of your own? Even if in a one in a million chance a girl does that to me, I won't ever let her.

8. Yes, there are men who respect women and will treat them like a lady.
>> I'd rather make this one generalization: all men are capable of treating a woman like a lady, as well as treating them like trash. Just so happen some just forgot to do it. Sort of like how Anne Frank sees people as. That no matter the circumstances, all men have something good in them. Some would digress though, even venomenously at that.

9. Be concerned about your happiness and what makes you feel like a total person.
>> A favorite line comes into mind: "You are first and foremost your own person". A woman next. A sister, wife, mom, etc. second. Because logically, if you lose yourself as a person, all those other things connected below will practically fall apart.

10. Remember the more time you take in making that decision to get out the more time you will lose and never will you get it back. It means you will never know what you were capable of contributing to the world.
>> Had a bit of a line like this last night. Getting out of a bad relationship must NOT take time. I clumsily suggested otherwise because I was delving into the mind set of "thinking it over and take your time" kind of thing. That's a personality flaw of mine btw, since I sometimes can't be spontaneous when I need to >_<

Oh well, I'm not sure what's for part 2. So, whatever. Another disclaimer: I sometimes appear I have all the answers, but wait til I get the problem myself XD