This is the first installment of The People Around Me series. And today's guinea pig, my good 'ol condomate, Don don (Donaldo).

So what's lovable about our good man Don? Other than the fact that he looks so much like that guy who was the archer son of the samurai in The Last Samurai (feat. some guy named Tom cruise *cough*), he's as buffed as a ... buffed guy. Yeah.

Throughout my entire three years of staying at the condo, I uh, I don't know what's his surname is (yes folks, I am THAT antisocial). I've been witness to the different hair styles he had sported (bald, fuzzy, wavy, straightened, then bald again, right now he's afro wavy).

I absolutely will detest the day that I'll piss him off. That's ofcourse, for no other reason that he could punch through my rib cage and have his hand gripping my heart on the other side of me (with blood dripping no less). Just kidding *tee hee*

For some reason, I still puzzle at the idea as to what is his true relationship with his roommate, Rommel. They're blood-tied me thinks, but sometimes when they frolick, I feel a cold tingling sensation that something is amiss. Yes folks, sometimes it's bordering on affectionate. I do have to wonder at the fact that he sleeps beside him ... well it's a doubledeck and slide on bed underneath, with poor 'ol Euan on the top deck.

Whatever they have between them, I leave it all up to good sense.

Among the two however, I could get along Don much better than Rommel because he's more receptive to my nonsensical jokes about what they watch in TV (like uh, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy ... can't say which side they're relating to).

So anyway, what else ... oh yeah!

Whenever Don tries to take a bath in the morning, he always makes a unique repeating sound each time. Why, this morning, it sounded like a pleased chihuahua that went like

"Yip yip yip yip yip yip !!"

Or it's Bruce Lee on Tuesdays, "Woo woo woo woo woo woo !!"

Still, Don is a pleasant guy despite the Ahnold bulges. Here's to you man! Cheers! And I hope you don't hurt me. This is all in good taste. I assure you *sweatdrop*