Since I've been plagued by the thought overflow condition, I'd like to put in here my version of comfort food, though mostly drinks.

Drinks: I start with drinks because you really don't have any effort preparing them ... drink right from the bottle!

- Melon Milk - during my overnight stays at the office, which were not happening often the past year, just having this pass my mouth sooths me immensely and my mind would say something weird like "Ahh, a balm for my stomach". Try it sometime, there's a lot of this in your local 7-11 stores.

- Cranberry-Apple Juice - whenever I come home late from the office (past 12 or so), I just get a chilled half-full mug of this and I enjoy my anime episodes all the more. Really good to drink during the summer months! Gives vitamin C too and prevents a strain of UTI infection.

- Swiss-Miss - nice during the cold months while having your toes curl up from the chill. Unlike all other local chocolate drinks, this goes smooth just passing through your throat. Add a dash of pepper if you'd like to enchance the chocolatey taste.

Food: Well, not much to say here. Go go solids!

- Noodle soup - by far the ONLY comfort food that has stayed with me for the longest time. Back when I was a sickly kid, this was the only food that I could taste. My favorite brand is Nissin because it's not salty and the noodles go fine with any garnish you'd like. My father had a good recipe by adding in bits of meatloaf, and such. I recommend you don't put eggs, because it spoils the taste.

- Cerelac (Banana-Wheat) - well, I dunno about you but this shit really hits the spot. Who said only babies get to munch on this. I even like it when it forms 'lumps' while preparing it.

- Miso soup - the first time I'd get to taste this was in Tokyo Tokyo a few years back. I'm not sure what's it made of (soy?), but it has the same effect as the melon milk, only it is in soup form, not to mention warm. Whenever I order in Japanese restaurant, I like having this around. I usually have a contented smile afterwards.

- Pancit Canton - this one is more situational because sometimes I'd like to have myself eating this for a full two-week duration, and after that, I'd detest the sight and scent of it. Still, this gives me memories of my hometown Cavite where mom would just prepare loads of it after a good day of ... playing PC games.