I think this will be a most interesting stuff to blog about. Yeap, I live in interesting times (if you have to know where that line is from, it's from Confucius) sorrounded by interesting people ^_^

The other interesting idea I thought of was to start a week by naming it. For example, next week will be Tuna Week, and I'll post articles about tuna, how I love tuna, and what I'd like to cook with Tuna. After that, I could name the week, Penis Week and write about penises and how the world revolves around this tool *tee hee*.

But back to the people around me. I have two most prominent circles right now, and that would be the office people, and my condo-mates. Ofcourse I'll come across everyone, so keep your fingers crossed.

And no, this won't be like those freaking annoying talk shows starring some equally annoying gay commentator. No no, this would be like a National Geographic baby. And I'll examine right through your ear canals.

Alright, enough of the talk. Let the show begin >:}