You know what, your ex is right. You ARE difficult to reach emotionally.

How's that?

It's just that I don't know what you are thinking. You're unpredictable. When we gone out that trip, I was worried about you. I couldn't say if you were enjoying it at all.


You're just so ... distant, y'know? Always 'away', always 'out there'. Aloof is the exact word for you. It is so you. And for someone so good at words, you don't know how to use it when it actually counts.

You're a nice guy. Despite your intimidating persona, you are a nice guy. And that's what makes it difficult isn't it? Women will find themselves feeling guilty for turning down a nice guy. Most especially the likes of you.

Yeah, realizing something as well. Sala ako palagi no?

Hahaha, yes. That's true isn't it? Jaz was complaining you were too slow, and now you're like a squirrel on crack.

And I think too much, don't I?

Haha, again, yeah. It's part of your personality. That's why I think, it is right that you do get someone who has a strong personality. Anyone else, hindi ka kakayanin.

Am I really that hard to understand?

Because of how you say or rather, what you DON'T say. For one thing, hindi puede sa yo ang bobo. Also you're blunt.

You don't have a big heart.


And I don't like seeing you this way.


Give it time.