Just bought a copy of Newsweek. Lots of interesting topics on February 13 issue.


The cover is entitled Islam and Freedom (Are They Destined To Clash?). This issue has been in the news for quite sometime now, and refers to the protests by Muslims against the cartoon depictions of Muhammad (have not seen it though, links anyone?).

Inside it says that such a thing has not been new, in fact Europe has such a history even with Roman Catholic church. One of which was the depiction of the Last Supper by some designer using lightly clad women (?)

Amongst the religions I've studied a bit, Islam has been the strictest and perhaps the most tersely rational. Do note however that liberal Muslims in Europe differ in viewpoints from the natively Arabic (Egypt, Saudi Arabia, etc.).


Iran has been suspected of making weapons of mass destruction (wow, sounds Bushy hmm?). The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) reported to the UN Security council of an issue regarding the increasing facilities of Iran that makes use of nuclear power.

Well, they could be using it for anything, like a horde of angry, flesh-eating, mutant tomatoes.

On related news, Israel (paranoid as usual) is on the ready to strike at Iran if they do so much as light a cigarette (Shahab model missiles that has a potential to reach Taiwan ... wait, is that Taiwan on that map there?).


The Japanese are becoming more and more un-Japanese. Ok, now how is this possible? I would've thought all those animes mean Japan is still a fan of its roots. Japan has absorbed so much of the world (or more like, the Western world) that it wouldn't be strange for foreigners to view it as another Western country.

All those fuzzy, colored hair wouldn't only be in animes after all now would it?

Unfortunately, I would think the Japanese are taking in the watered-down Western culture. They're celebrating Christmas for one thing, only because the rest of the world is doing so. Same goes for MTV >_<

Oh well, I still have my animes.