- Pauline Schroeder

A poem I dug up from my first blog. Just wanted to share it here. Back then I used Pauline Montejo, but I'll put it under the Schroeder moniker. As the title of the poem suggest, it was made on the 28th of January, year 2003. It's three months away before my great depression happened.

how ironic it is
when at last,
i could look into your eyes
without regrets
and no pretensions
that the season for you
has ended
and that mine
has just begun
how tragic it is
that you always had my heart
while my mind kept you
from it
don't worry dearest
i have with me all the letters
the scents, the memories
that will let me live some
before i too
find a home for my heart
but until then
let me cry a little
for just these things and more
let me sing a little
of those songs i sang to you
let me read a little
of your scented written words
and lastly ...
let me dream a little
that your warmth
was once mine
so please
don't blame me if i
just hold on to you
for a little more while
let me mourn a little
that i am, and will only be
an invisible past