"I dunno if you've understand what I've told you before when you asked if I could refer one of my friends to you. Again, I won't do it for the simple reason na may "past" tayo, something na hanggang ngayon, unresolved pa din and unclear. And till such time you'll know how to treat a girl properly, you won't get any good recommendations from me. For someone so smart, I'm so disappointed with you. And nah, I don't think we could be good friends. You made me feel like trash then, and you're still making me feel that way now, know what? I've just realized na hindi ako ang unworthy, it's you. Wherever life may lead us from here ... goodluck!"

Now this here is a perfect example of true power over jerkdom. I never really wrote about our resident queen in this insignificant blog of mine, simply because she's a world on her own, her own castle, her own court.

I could almost taste the words to whom this was said to: vindictive, cool, but at the same time regal and calculating.

I bow to the queen \(-_-)/

Psst, penge pera.