Translated as "Record of a Yokohama Shopping Trip".

For some reason I remember that whole Japanese name of the manga (became anime too) of this title. Why am I writing it here?

Simple. Because it is just that -- simple. This manga is not at all like those mechas, super-powered chics, Jewish-mythology based storylines, or whatever twist there is you can think of that was able to be put in story.

This one consist of a very refreshing story ... if it has any. The words are scarce, the drawings not intricate, but the wideness and flavor of the content give it a relaxing feel. You would see panels and panels of strips that will be full of grasslands and other wide open spaces with the occasional musings of Alpha, the android left to tend a coffee shop in the middle of nowhere by her owner. As the day passes by and night comes, you won't be treated any softer than the stillness of the night, wrapped in a comforting blanket while feeling your toes curl up for an evening chill.

Each page is like a photo album of events. With an interesting cast of side characters that lives in the vicinity. Which includes a mythological creature-lady that plops around, as well as a flying fish with sunglasses.

Sun. Clouds. Coffee. Shade.

It's like a vacation where you could already feel the soothing wind coming your way.

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