Surprisingly, I don't have anything weighty to say today. On the contrary, this will be a very light-hearted post.

I dreamt a lot, even when I was very young, of saving a princess and win her heart. Don't ask me how I had these silly notions at the age of six or so. I would draw a girl on my pad paper (besides doodles of giant monster robots) and pretend she's the most beautiful thing in the world.

In comes Mia *intro the song My Girl*

When I saw her in school in BF Homes Las Pinas (gawd, that was elementary), I thought she was the most perfect girl to ever grace my sick existence. Everything about her was dreamy -- her smile, her voice, her eyes ... she's at the top of the class and all other boys were madly infatuated with her as well. Heck, I might even worship her poop. While I on the other hand, I was a malnourished-looking bumpkin having culture shock with all the strange kids running around with their cool notebooks and Transformer toys.

I would dream that I'll defend her from monsters and *bad people* using my blazing sword of awesome power (got it after slaying gazillions of dragons and an evil witch beforehand). And when I finally have her I'll take her away, but not into some boring castle. We'd get to frolick on the beach where it's perpetually dawn and sleep in a tower with a rotating windmill (don't ask me why about this one ... must be a past life). And then I'd give her a cute peck on the cheek and giggle about how rosy her face gets.

I guess the only legacy I had of her was when I wrote "F loves M" on the bark of a coconut tree outside my cousin's home. I didn't even get to keep an elementary class picture so I can remember what she looked like *sigh*

Heh heh.

Silly, silly, kiddy dreams.