Once in Sanfo, I went into a hiphop session where Asians were free styling verses. That is, impromptu rap song that you just cook up then and there while the beat was moving. What caught us was a plump dude people call Kiwi (he's Pinoy me thinks), and had the admiration of the crowd with his smooth words.

Well, I'm trying something like that now (a bit of an about face from my rocker persona). Charge the beat up homiez ...

Remember, this just a fun thing for me, no serious thoughts (helps while you listen to a beat from Kanye West) ^_^


Come to me yo I have something to say
Keep the bias and let me go hey hey
This shithole office has nothin for me
Only the lights in front, paid for free
So figure 'em out, what's there to do?
Am freakin jaded and freakin so are you
Gonna tell you a story, aint nothin special
Ain't that good, but ain't superficial
Once there was a guy who likes 'toons and beer
Met a girl chillin around, or so he cheered
His eyes a-doozy, but he knew somethin good
Somethin with this girl, figure out if he could
So he went out with his way, makin it out fine
Bought the flowers, could've bought some wine
He has no clue what he's about to do
'cept swallow his pride, and go down with a flu
Flu a fever, would you think he's down?
Not even a normal homie, acts like a clown
Maybe if it's good, will it follow through?
Win or lose, aint even got a clue
So romance boy yeah, goin out with a bang
Clumsy-hearted doofus, goin out with the gang
But he's timing was so bad, didn't get it right
On and on he went, won't give up with no fight
Trying to be smart, in a game made for hearts
He's down on his card, time for a new start

Dude you should've seen him
And dude would you believe him
Trying funny hard to be cool
Hard-ass stubborn like a fool

What was then worth for this little man?
Thinkin hell too much was not his plan
He just needs time to get things done
Sure as hell what happened was a lot of fun
Sure needs to know what the girl was thinkin
Though he knows about it, not just feelin
Too selfish to get, what he wants really
But not askin her what she needs, silly
Gonna be cool, or gonna be cruel?
You don't wanna be anyone's shitty tool
Nothin will last forever in this game
For a reason, or for a season it's all the same
You skin your knees tryin to run so far
But enough air to breathe for tryin so hard
So the guy went on a freeze, takin a bow
Drew on a card, however he knows how
Maybe things in him are just way overflowin
Can't stop the train wherever it is goin
A fool for shit, a shit for foolz
However you make of it, love just rulez

Dude you should've seen it
And dude could you believe it
Trying funny hard to be real
Hard to be true to what you feel



syet, nakakapagod