It was a terrible night last night. My brain went through a thought overflow which happens when I try to analyze something and then it accidentally enters into an endless loop. Glad that I got over it because it hurts the back of my skull. The cat I saw who got run over sort of helped, but it only made me more sleepless. Anyway, I got to bed past 12 in the morning and had to contest with the aftermath. It sucks because I planned to go jogging early at 4 am.

That's why playing vid games, listening to music, or getting physical are important to me because it refocuses my otherwise wild-jungled mind.

As for what's next for me, I'm letting nature run its course. I guess its time to sheath my swords back and repair the chinks on my armor. The warrior needs to rest.

For some joyous news, I get to have a song from Up Dharma Down and an old classic from Candlebox, Far Behind.

Now maybe I didn’t mean to treat you bad
But I did it anyway
And not maybe
Some would say your life was sad
But you lived it anyway