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I wonder if people have noticed how I don't keep my secrets in this blog that private, and would go so far as to have other people contribute. Heck, I invite everyone to go in here, most especially the assholes I haven't been able to defeat in a 1 on 1 asshole-fight (yeah, they're that good ... nay, better than I am).

This blog started out as an experiment on myself. The objective was for me to see what I don't want to see in myself -- being pathetic, foolish, weak-minded, blind pride -- and then be able to face it, or learn how to face it in my own time, or at least see it coming. Other than the artful expressions I pepper every so often, I spill my mind so I could better look at it in the open.

Like whenever I look back at some blog posts, I would go something like, "Geez, I did that?" or "Wtf, this can't be me". See the point? Ofcourse I still obfuscate some people I mention, for the simple fact that I would be invading their right to privacy or anonymity. This blog is about me after all.