I'm a lunatic under the wrong situations, that much I have surmised. I have a favorite story wherein a robber wanted to get my cellphone and I gave him the most menacing look he probably ever witnessed in his pathetic life. I used to practice punching concrete walls til my knuckles bleed but my now dainty hands are now better suited for squeezing water out of laundry. Heck, right now I just might shit my pants if that happens to me again -- well, maybe not. Almost had a fist fight with a six footer o_O

Anyway, I'll call this week Protecting the Women Week: Crime Prevention, because not all women know what to do when this most unfortunate incident happens to them.

These are just stuff all out of my head though, so be kind

1. Not everyone has pepper spray handy. But if you have those laser pointers (those little toys that are sometimes used for pens and keychains), try focusing it on your assailant's eyes as a surprise. Those are PAINFUL, and could give you time to get away.

I learned about this when a classmate in college playfully did this to two buds of mine peacefully sitting on a bench. Their eyes were watery for a few minutes, and not normal for an hour. This could be debilitating at night time for the assailants themselves. I believe it can cause temporary blindness if the beam is strong enough.

2. All living beings fear pain. If your fists are too weak to give a nice punch, use the elbows if you can. However, don't attempt if you don't have the confidence as your assailant might read your move. The ultimate hit would be crushing his throat, because well y'know, you might kill the poor sod -- not!! XD

3. If you have nerves of steel, see if you can read his mood. Remember, you are afraid of being hurt, while he is afraid of getting caught and get some serious ass raping in jail. So if a stranger passes by, greet him like he/she's your friend.

Don't be sympathetic. He is scum. I had a friend who was taken by this because the assailant reasoned out that the times were hard for him. Like hell. No reason in the world is enough to commit a crime.

4. A very nice tactic I've read is that if a robber wants your purse, DON'T GIVE IT TO HIM. Instead, throw it one way and run the other direction. Chances are, they'd go for the purse.

5. Ofcourse, there's the usual routine when you will be going home in a taxi cab. Lock the doors, put on seatbelts. Have a friend take the plate number. Other than having someone accompany you home, message him/her that you're safe, or at least have them call the phone at home if you're expected to be there at a certain time duration. I make sure of the latter two for people who are precious to me, regardless of what they think *stupid grin*

And yeah, I've read a few modus operandi when the criminal IS the taxi cab driver. Be weary if the door locks can't be pulled up. You could be trapped inside. Also, I've read another wherein the taxi cab driver would expose an air freshener to the air conditioner strangely pointed at YOU. If you feel sleepy, get the fuck out of there.


NB: Will add a few more if it passes by my head.