I have an uncooperable body.

I've been having weird sleeping habits like lying down at 8:00pm, but only really actually sleep after 10:00pm. I will then wake up at around 2:00am the next day, but only come out of bed at about 4:00am. I then have to do what I can just so I won't get annoyingly restless.

I jog around the Divine Grace church, along with other morning joggers. Noticed something funny with them though ... they were carrying sticks. Yes you heard me. Sticks. What's that for? Poke people who are jogging faster than you?

I don't know what I weigh at this time. I usually have a constant scale of 165 lbs, reached 170 once and I felt really bloated. My face would look all roundish -_- I didn't like it at all.

Darn, wish I could have a better mp3 of Up Dharma Down's June. And I haven't seen yet what's up at my old roaming grounds (guys?).