As you all know (well, not all), I'm an IT professional, a Java/J2EE developer Sun-certified specializing on web applications and has been a Struts whore for the longest time. I am very knowledgeable in CSS, Javascripts, XML, XSLT, bla bla bla as well as experience in an industry standard for a software development lifecycle. I lack however, the creative juices of l33t web designers and the brain-melting power of true architects.

Heck, I have no intention of using my brain for thinking that hard about my job.

I have two enterprise-wide projects under my belt, but have not been given the satisfaction of actually finishing either. Right now I'm being honed as a technical software architect (because upper management got nothing to do, so they'd like to play with my career) instead of going the managerial path. But you know, all I really want is to play games all day like some lucky bastards I know.

Now, after all those words of self-love, let me introduce to you a celebrity in the IT world I live in.

Some say he's a villain. Some say he's a hero. But make no mistake, his incessant rantings and masturbatory jokes make waves in Javaland. I introduce to you, Mr. Hani Suleiman.

Don't be lead off with the language we speak, just take note at just how many vulgar sex-words he uses while discussing a technology or bashing some poor soul. I've been following a bit of discussion in TSS [some Java forum] as well, and boy, did it give the discussion a real kick. His intro was like

"Bruce Tate is, for all intents and purposes, one of the stupidest people in Java."

and my now favorite quote

"You see honey, there are people in the world who are a-holes..."

Yeap. Makes my day :}