Had this week's edition of Newsweek (well, duh). It has a pretty interesting frontpage simply because I'm an avid blogger myself and has spiritless ambitions of being a writer.

Excerpt from Wang Xiaofeng's "Massage Milk":

"What is journalistic guidance? When everybody knows that the wind is blowing towards the west, but you insist on having some seemingly factual evidence to prove that the wind is actually blowing east. Then you go about persuading people to accept your viewpoint."

I could feel where he's coming from, for the fact that I had journalist backgrounds and that my ex was a journalist-reporter herself (though the only thing I pestered her with were her exploits in Basilan and the rape case she handled herself).

China probably haven't expected this one coming from its own people. Moreso for those who write.

I've heard news of blogging can be a dangerous thing to do for people who'd like to vent their rants about their company. Sort of like a career-limiting move. Or in some cases, a career-ending move.

There are other articles slashdot.org about it, but I won't delve into that. I mean geez, everyone can say something bad about everybody else, but those are not grounds for corporate punishment. Those are personal for goodness sakes, not a propaganda to bring the system down.

Hmmnn, then again, a small snowball can become an avalanche. But if you have no snow, what's there to fear but a simple tap on your roof? Paranoid imbeciles.


Mayhem in the Mud [page 4]

The mud slide in Guinsaugon has reached the world. Looks like the numbers are grim. Sixty people rescued from a population of 1,800.

I'm interested in the geography and conditions which caused the event. But it looks like there will be no details here.


Going for 'Brokeback' [page 8]

They're making spoofs of the controversial movie by Heath Ledger and er, that guy with titles like Top Gun 2: Brokeback Squadron and Brokeback to the Future. Hehe.

I think people over there are bored.


Fatherhood [page 38]

"As they get more involved, dads may face even more challenges than women in balancing work and family."

Looks like the tradition held by us men as simple breadwinners are now being put down in Europe. What's the fear? Not that they are narrow-minded goofs, but on the contrary, it's because men of this generation have no role models [sic].

I don't know what to say on a personal note, but I don't mind changing nappies :} Besides, I can always use the poo for jokes over dinner XD


Noticed an interesting ad:

Ever wondered why Cambodia is ranked 178 in World Soccer?

The picture is of a soccer player with a soccer ball under his right leg. The right leg ofcourse, is amputated. Text follows:

Over 40,000 Cambodians have lost their legs to landmines. 6 million still remain.

Landmines have gotta be the cruelest inventions man has ever made during the wars. If it does not outright kill you, it sure is going to cripple you. Then again, maybe I'd like a few of those on the streets were scum here roam.


Paris on My Mind [page 51]

I'd love to go to the Louvre someday :} I love the history and legacy of art pieces. How people in days long past can paint the most vivid, ageless pieces of skilled, majestic beauty. Ofcourse, that would mean I am not a fan of abstract art but maybe at least appreciate the Dada movement [page 52]. I'd like to be familiar with at least the difference between the Impressionist and Expressionist movements.

*eyes glistening*