Seriously, why ARE they carrying sticks?

I jogged again this morning, about 4:30 am and several people are carrying sticks. It's only less than an arm's length though, and about as thick as the ones used by elementary school teachers when pointing at the black board.

I guess I'll have to put that question into my bag of mysteries, along with things like, why do some of my socks disappear after laundry (right now I think I have at least 5 unpaired socks)? as well as, if the dust bunnies under my bed become big enough, will they develop life?

Ah, thoughts to ponder indeed ...


I've recovered a song book under my bed, a thick red one similar to the gray songbook of oldie songs. This one is full of boybands though, but at least it has tons of OPM goodies. I'll have a good time this weekend, even if it's just by myself and the ambient breeze.

Yeah, me and my beloved guitar. Or should I bring her along? I don't know if she can fit at the back along with the other luggage. Unlike other guitars I held, her strings are always soft to my fingertips. As if she doesn't want to be cruel to me.

As usual, I never finish a song whenever I play ^_^

Baka sakali lang maisip mo naman
Ako'y nandito lang di mo lang alam
Matalino ka naman!
Kung ikaw at ako ay tunay na bigo
Sa laro na ito ay dapat bang sumuko?
Sana di ka na lang pala aking nakilala
Kung alam ko lang ako'y iyong masasaktan ng ganito
Sanay nakinig na lang ako sa nanay ko

Geez. Couldn't find tabs for Up Dharma Down >_<