See here, sometimes after a batch of laundry requires that two of my favorite pairs of slacks have to be on soul searching (or might I say, sud soaking). I am then left to use an old pair that was designed when my waistline was a bit larger than what I have now.

Now here's the deal. Whenever I use a belt for that, the waist area (above the zipper, where the hooks are) has to fold to accomodate my slimmed waist. It looks horrible ofcourse, beside the fact that my belt wasn't made for it, and I'd look silly.

So there I was. No belt, trusting that the tucked in cloth from my polo would hold it up.

When I went to the urinals, I unzipped and guess what. My pants fell all the way to the ankles. My scarred, pale legs a glory for all to see.