I did not jog today.

But freaking body is aching for some reason, gah. And I want to sleep some more =_=

*firing up an mp3 of Up Dharma Down*

Let's make this day, a Morning Appreciation Day. It's a beautiful day. Yeah, the breeze is nice in Mandaluyong after stepping out of the condo. I miscalculated my time and had to prepare my stuff for the trip a bit too late. Good thing I only require a few things. The guitar is kind of bulky though.

Bought my morning empanada below the Boni MRT station. A bit of hassle having my guitar, the empanada on one hand, and the MRT ticket on the other.

Now in the office. Bloghop -_-

I went into one that looks like she has a very sad life. Uhm. Ok, next. Well now, this one has at least a cheerful blog template. Left my presence and went on to the other.

My, my, my. I have a stalker. Wonder what's the interest in me, hmmnn? Not that I worry. I hope you're a head hunter Mr/Ms Stalker you. Give me a nice job offer and pirate me outta here and you won't regret it :}

Just kidding.

Ok. Now this has come to an end. Off to work. Damn, I wish this is longer >_<