I am more interested in a health topic, but since I couldn't find that Dangers of Soy in my e-mail inbox, I'll just have to make do with part 2 of Bad Relationships.

I wouldn't want to use brain power on this one, so let me just paste this from a certain site. Also, I refrain from giving advices nowadays. So expect me to ask you questions which make you advice for yourself.


He's Just Not Into You

1. He never makes plans in advance
If he really wanted to see you, do you really think he would keep calling you on Friday to make plans for Saturday?

2. He talks too much about an ex-girlfriend
It's okay to reminisce about a past relationship, but if it's all he talks about, could it be he's not over her yet?

3. He won't talk about the future
We're not talking about ultimatums here or putting undue pressure on the guy.

4. He doesn't plan anything for special occasions
If your birthday is coming up or Valentine's Day and it's not on his radar screen, do you think your happiness is top of mind for him?

5. He lets you do all the work
It's okay to plan some of the dates, but if you only see each other when you make it happen, then can he really claim to be committed to the relationship?

6. He's not clear about your status with friends and family
Does he tell you that you're his girlfriend but say something different in front of friends and family, like we're just close friends?

7. He's overly guarded about cell phone and email messages
People who hide nothing have nothing to hide. Why would he be so protective about messages if he had nothing to hide?

8. He has no interest in your friends and family
If this relationship has a future, at some point he'll have to establish relationships with the people important in your life. If he's not interested in meeting your friends and family, could it be he doesn't expect to be around too long?

9. He cancels on you all the time
Making plans is great but not if they're constantly cancelled by him. What could possibly come up every weekend that he bags on plans with you to do something else?


I tried to turn the gender perspective around and see if it applies as She's Just Not Into You. But it seems it can't be the same as far as my limited understanding is concerned. What say you?