Di rin ako excited no? Hehe

Alright, we need to hoard a lot of beach music. Ize, stuff the iPod!!!!!

- Walking on Sunshine
- Ever After (er, hehe)
- Parokya songs
- Kamikaze songs
- Black Eyed Peas
- Tina Turner (LOL)
- Celine Dion (double LOL)
- Regine Velasquez (LOL LOL LOL)

*uhm ok, I behave now*

- Sleep All Day by Jason Mraz (hehe ... er, no)
- Spongecola songs (when we're drunk and angsty)
- *all songs applicable to drunk and angsty individuals*
- er ... just stuff it ...

Let's see if I can go beyond tenor and go alto. Hehehe.

Also, we need tanning lotion. Anyone has already? I need it to bake my pale ass. Well, not that I'll be exposing it to the sun, but ya know. They go topless, I go bottomless. Fair trade!

Wonder if it's a hassle to bring my guitar. Are we going to do a lot of moving around even at night?