I've known this one at about the same time as AKFG, and yes, also in Animax. They have several songs included in popular animes, namely Bleach and Gundam Seed.

Buuuuuut, that is not the only thing that got me into this band. Yeah, they seem like a run-of-the-mill fusion of rap and rock these days, but which one of them have a very, very, very attractive lead vocal?

Her name's Maki, and geez, she reminds me so much of Michelle Branch (me love her so <3). Really attractive eyes and lips (yeah, I'm a face person).

I'm not so sure about the back/supporting vocals though (who he?). It seems like he was patterned after that Linkin Park rapper and terribly sounds like Fred Durst.

Whatever, so long as Maki is around XD XD XD

Here's an MTV of their song "Days".