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Since games like those are pumping in my veins my mind just came up with an idea.

I've fancied it for a long time, but I would love to have an MMORPG in Pinoy setting. But you might think, what the hell would make it interesting?

In comes one of my long-lost literary children: Salamanca 1806.

I've attempted to turn that thing into a manga, but seeing as how I don't have the time or patience to hone my drawing skills, I can only but store bits of information and ideas about it in my Dark Giant Planet blog. Unfortunately, most of the stuff is stored in my head somewhere.

The setting is set in a period of the Spanish colonial rule. The spiritual world is leaking into ours. Since it was never meant for the mortal inhabitants of this side to coexist with the supernatural denizens of the spirit world, conflict is bound to happen.

Each side wants to know what is happening, but some wants to benefit from the chaos.

One thing I learned about making stories though, is that it can get really really tiring. You really must have creative juices running thru that brain and effectively convey it in words. The latter skill of which I am lacking.

*grumble* *grumble*
Here are the classes / races for each side:

1. White Cleric - defensive holy user (special spell: Holy Armor)
2. Black Cleric - the exorcists, offensive holy user (special weapon: Mace of Contrition)
3. Psychics - got the idea from the Spirit Questors, defensive spiritist (special ability: Third Eye)
4. Hunter Seeker - offensive weapons user (special weapon: Hunter Seeker Sword)
5. Plague Summoner - the much maligned 'mambabarang', offensive shaman (special spell: Summon Flesh Eater Swarm)
6. Wizard - the infamous salamankeros (or the local Harry Potters), offensive magic user (special ability: Intelligence)
7. Herbalist - the local albulario (?), defensive shaman (special spell: Ward)

1. Bale - tikbalang :) defensive earth spirit (special ability: Agility)
2. Chibling - small child-like fey spirit, the evil ones are called 'tiyanaks' (special spell: Confusion)
3. Capre - big and hairy offensive earth spirit (special ability: Strength)
4. Sorceral - offensive fey spirit, said to be of royalty in the spirit world (special spell: Gate)
5. Duende - bearded little men, sort of like dwarves, defensive earth elemental (special ability: Toughness)
6. The Lost - mortal ghosts that were denied heaven's gates but has not been sentenced to either Purgatory or Hell, offensive mortal spirit (special spell: Madness)
7. Invis - mysterious spirits that were supposed to be the soul of conceived babies, but developed without a mortal body, defensive mortal spirit (special spell: Blind)

Needless to say, this is the world inhabited by my character Jillian Ibarraconmienda, a hunter seeker looking for her father who got lost in the spirit world.

Ah well, maybe someday I'd make a book and/or the mmorpg. Yeah. I can dream.

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