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Taking the right side shot

It is said that people's faces are not symmetrical. That is, your left eye maybe a bit larger than the other, or your teeth are slightly adjusted to the right instead of being in the middle.

I, on the otherhand, favor showing the left side of my face to the camera simply because I think it's my 'best' side. Some favor having the camera catching them slightly on top. Yeah, people are strange in many little ways. I took a picture of the right side of my face to sort of symbolize accepting what I'm not proud of myself. Because you know, I have this twisted affair with imperfections and well, we all have to live with such things.

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Of simple meals and humble tables ...

After coming home from night shift, I take my breakfast (dinner) at a cafeteria just in front of the condo. Ofcourse the place is nothing spectacular, just an ordinary establishment where employees from nearby factories take their meals.

I'm just a bit nostalgic of the days when I used to live in a picturesque "bahay kubo". Complete with pawid roof and sawali walls.

It was those days that it feels sooo great waking up early in the morning. It's funny because you literally feel the wind coming through the walls (sawali is merely flattened bamboo enmeshed to form a crude wall). Since our 'house' stood just on the edge of the coffee plantations, you could feel the chill of early morning air from outside right to your bed (haha, with kulambo even).

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One day I tried to draw ...

Since I'm so engrossed with the online games I've been playing, I tried making a rendition of my swordsman. But to my surprise, I couldn't draw a decent figure. Which resulted me feeling frustrated and disappointed.

I don't know if I'll ever be able to pursue the arts, being trapped in practicality and well ... procrastination. I want to draw again. Something really good.

Funny just now I remembered making a water color painting on a large oslo paper. It's that of Calvin and Hobbes sleeping under a tree. One of my simple masterpieces I'm proud of and like thinking every now and then. Did I keep it?


It was actually a gift :} yeah, the romantic side of me took control and made it. I never really was able to return the C&B I borrowed from her XD it's still with me up to this day.