Alright, now I need to gain weight.

People now think I'm doing drugs o_O when in fact, all I did was to eat just one cup of rice each meal. It looks like my metabolism is still in hyperdrive despite being in my late 20s.

I am half-expecting I should have a buddha beer belly by now. Oh well.


My swordsman couldn't get off from being level 87 :( and it's already more than a week! I plan to be at least 97 before the middle of next week. Me want to learn Sunken Strike!

I want to sow terror into the hearts of kiddies out there!

They shall fear the Eater of Eyes!

On a side note, I'd love to make a kick-ass forum sig for that. Oh yeah, I just deleted my int brawler. He's level 75 before being sent to the virtual spirit world.

So here's my farewell to Eater of Oni. You have served your purpose in letting me into this addicting game :}

Ofcourse that can only mean room to remake him :} if they make a new server that is