We all know that if we don't use a 'skill' regularly, we tend to become 'rusty' in it. Take for example driving a race car. If you are a race car driver, you should have the motor skills and reflexes to negotiate curves and such.

But if you have not been driving for like 10 years, you lose such skills and become poor at what you do.

Now this is where an embarassing dilemma of mine starts.

I'm having trouble 'speaking' to people. You know, having conversations and stuff. Why? Oh dear, it must be because I don't talk that much anymore. While my brain cells can still function normally on other aspects, it gets rusty on the speech and language department.

However, with all this blogging you ask, that shouldn't be the case. Unfortunately, I can still edit stuff in writing. If I were to leave what I write as it is, you will notice grammatical errors and sentence fragments having a field day.

Oh well :<


I am looking for that perfume I smelled (smelt?). It's really good. I just passed by St. Francis Square to find out what perfume it is but I couldn't if I have to inhale 12 other scents before it o_O

That gave me a headache.

As usual, that place has tons of DVDs to buy. No longer have to walk all the way to Metrowalk to look for one. The last one I bought was Akira Kurosawa's Seven Samurai. It's supposed to be a classic, but found out I have little love for really old films.

Unless I get funky and do some artsy-fartsy things with it. Oh well.

On to the pursuit of that perfume! If I cannot find it, I'll settle for Fahrenheit Dior.