Unlike the rest of the working human population, I don't detest Mondays.

(it's just that it's very convenient to be absent from office on that day XD)

To some, it heralds the beginning of work, another grueling week of hectic schedules, pretensions (to *cough* some), and just about any reason you could think of on what to do during week days.

I dunno, I just don't hate it. I don't mind my rest days ending, it can get boring at times to be always relaxing (huh?). My weekends are always good days to be somewhere or just to be at home. In fact, I always have a full day everyday which I can say is a good thing.

No, I don't plan much about more than a week ahead. I don't fuss too much about it, because well, I tend to worry about tomorrow when tomorrow comes. Except on a few things.

Oh wait, make that one thing :<



In other news, these days it seems I'm out to kill my tonsils.

Chocolates, Donuts Gonuts, some bread of the sugary variety, even ol' manang's turon.

Each bite is making me feel my tonsils want to mutate and start talking by itself o_O woo

Yes, I have weak tonsils, always getting afflicted by tonsillitis when I take in too much sugar-rich foods (hence, my avoidance of candies and breath mints).

Yet here I am munching on the much-loved turon (simple, but always delectable with that saging na saba) contemplating as to why I have to deal with mighty idiots (as to who am I referring to, I will not divulge for fear of incrimination).

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Hurray for tonsils!!