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There I was hunting for burrs for my sword, not minding the lowbies running around (and being skewered by Brute Punks if they're being careless), until this kid spoke to me:

Kid: (probably seeing I was high level)
"Helo, puede pa kita maging kuya?"

Me: "Ha? A e, para saan?"
(what a really queer request)

Kid: "La, lang"

Me: (continues bashing baddies around)

Kid: "Kase, namatay na ang kuya ko e"

Me: "Nyay"
(now that sent a few shivers down my spine)

(some moments of silence)

Kid: "Mahilig din kase siyang maglaro ng RAN"

Me: "..."
(kiddo, I sincerely wish you don't have any complex going)

Kid: "Patulong naman, kuya ko"

Me: "Uh, sure"
(yaiks, now when did I agree being anything to you? o_o)