I ruined my Solar Sword T_T

Last night as I was giddy (and maybe stoned) from not having to level up in anway (heck, 5% experience in 8 hours?) I tried applying a Fine Burr on my sword -- and all the pluses went away T_T

So now, EaterOfEyes is broke, weak, and not tough enough for the Wharf Passage. My coffers are all emptied, and the only thing left are three level 107 scrolls I couldn't use and couldn't sell.

What I can achieve however, is get to 107 before the week ends. Hopefully.

*Sunken Strike!!!*


Looks like it's time to close another door.

At least I've learned when not to linger anymore. Which is a good thing. I've learned what to do when there simply is no room for me, or after giving allowances, when it is being unfair on my part. I could be hasty, but let me be free to cross out the possibilities. Besides, I've given enough.

Ofcourse there is no one to blame. Everything is either by choice or by circumstance. If it's a choice, then it's really not my position to change it otherwise -- I will respect it. If it's by circumstance, then it's something no one can really change. So before the bomb drops, I find it prudent to scuttle away from ground zero and spare myself while it's early (and mayhaps avoid the nuclear fallout).

Now I pick up my things, wrap them up in a blanket, then I'm off again ...

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