I feel sort of gloomy.

Three reasons that I best speak while my head is dunk underwater >_< Ang hirap talagang maging ako.

Hay. There goes all my plans. I wouldn't want to mess with a good thing going so, again, I move on.


On the other hand, EaterOfEyes is level 108 and has learned Explosive Strike! :) One thing to be happy about anyway.

I predict that it might take at least two weeks to reach 117 and get Thunder Strike. When that time comes, it'll be necessary to get myself an Oblivion Potion A and reset my skill points.

As for my gang named TenSwords (named after Shishio's Juppon Gatana in Rurouni Kenshin), it is slowly disintegrating. This is my second gang after I left SACREDFURY. If this continues, I might have to withdraw and join San Luen or some other gang that would take me in.

Oh yeah, another good news about Eater (that's what the ingame people call me for short), is that I was able to regain my wealth after the x3 event last night. My Solar Sword is back to [+5] and I prefer to let it stay that way for now. What will keep me busy is to get Protection Potions for my armor while I wait for the quest that will give me Drifter [B] armors.

In the meantime, the job of a monster lurer will still be tough.