I'm mildly sick since Monday (ugh).

One cause is I abused sweets (chocolates from a colleague), and surprisingly, I felt I have eaten to much dried mangoes. I know it's just fructose, but it is still sugar.

Besiiides the fact that I sleep at usually 3 am in the morning. As to why that is, I better not divulge for the safety of my happy life. But if you can guess it, it wouldn't be a surprise *tee hee*. Marge even caught me one time (busted!).

I hafta change sleep hours though because it'll make my body weak. Plus my plan for an exercise regimen would never come to fruition. Let's see what Friday will give me since the new RAN server will be up.

Should I switch to the new server? Hmm, much pondering has to be done.