Watched almost the whole of season two of Dr. House last weekend (whoa boy, what a marathon) and that series doesn't fail to give me reaffirmation of the stuff I think about.

"You can't control emotions, only your actions." - Dr. Cameron

You see, the series is more than just about medical mysteries being solved by a mad/brilliant doctor (Dr. House). Because if it ain't it'll just be another CSI, only, the subject at hand is still alive (or half-alive).

It does get a monotonous pattern, I mean what other variation can you have from a sick person getting well? There's only enough diseases, and patients either live or die. That's when personal intrigue gets in. It has enough hilarious scenes with Dr. House being his sarcastic, manipulative self, riling his subordinates, spreading misery to his boss Dr. Cuddy and his best friend Dr. Wilson. Add the twisted love affair with his ex girlfriend Stacy Warner (I think she's the most attractive, mature woman I've ever seen in any TV series) and well, you have a room of hooked people stuck to the television.

I lament the fact that watching it made me lose play time with my character in RAN Online for a whole weekend (which is like, rare). But it's a welcome change anyway. Besides, a new server is coming up on the first of September.

Sincerely speaking, I wouldn't grow old (and miserable) like Gregory House. I'm just too much of an optimist to be so, too carefree to be acutely analytical about bugging anomalies. I won't pine for a lost cause for five years and then after getting it, would just tell it to go away. Even if it was the best/worst thing that ever happened to me.

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