I've got my alcohol fix right now.

Okay you heard me. I'm typing this while drunk. How so you ask? Side bar is just beside our building so any drinking spree done there would mean it's just a minute walk to this workstation.

So, what of it then?

My beloved batchmate is getting married! It's a beautiful reminder that the world is still revolving and I love seeing things like this happening. That is beside the fact that the lucky couple are two of my good friends :)

Man, days and years pass me by without noticing, and suddenly things like this are happening.

So, to me, in my gladdest of moments, cheers to the lucky couple. The pictures on my cellphone are kinda dark though, so no illustrations then.

And now, I will rest my intoxicated head on the workstation for an hour. Ughhhh ... can't they invent headache-free alcohol? I just downed mixed drinks =_=