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As all of the populace of this country knows, we have truly non-Spanish names. My real name however, is composed of a Latin first name, a Spanish surname, and a true-blue Pinoy middle name.

And as we all know, names still have a definite meaning. I could look up what my Latin and Spanish names mean, but my middle name is a mystery.

While I was looking for a name for my proposed character in the new RAN server, I decided to look for an obscure Pinoy sounding name (to coincide with the name of the server, which will be in Filipino).

What I came upon is this link. Check it out. Oh, I looked at some of your surnames people, not all of them have meanings yet :(

I was surprised what my middle name meant. Not only that, but is of Ilocano origin. Cool eh? So now ladies and gentlemen, HERE is the full translation of my whole name:

Free man for the town of the world

It almost makes sense, doesn't it? It almost tells what sort of person I am :)

One other thing quirky about that website is that it says some surnames are in Tagalog, and yet I couldn't recognize the meaning of the noun and/or verb. Take Lumungsub for example, it's pretty obscure isn't it? Yet it was labeled as Tagalog. It means 'to advance'. It does come pretty close to 'lusob', but still it has a variation that makes it unreadable.

By the way, I thought Mapua is Spanish or something. As it turns out, it's Chinese meaning horse wave. Beat that.