Today I feel happy ... and lonesome.

Weird isn't it? It's like eating ice cream with sinigang at the same time. You like both, but just not together.

Gusto kong ipaliwanag sa yo
Ngunit di kinakausap

I feel like ranting, but my mind tells me it is pointless. Pointless in that I'll just spew useless words to the world and achieve nothing.

Di inaasahang diringgin mo
Nakatingala sa ulap

I'm happy because, well, I decided to be. And there's a little bit of something as well. Cactus ... cactus ... (personal joke)

Alam kong nasaktan na naman kita
Ngunit di ko naman sinasadya

Maybe I'm just too nice. For my own good? Too understanding, too patient, too lenient. And to balance that, I don't go around too much so I won't wear myself thin. Now I feel I have to go out. For my own mental health.

Hinding-hindi na mauulit sinta
Sana'y maniwala ka

This song is effing playing in my head over and over again for some reason. It doesn't even apply to anything. Uh, maybe a few parts of it. Drowning it with other mp3s. I don't want to think about something.

Sabihin mo na
Kung anong gusto mo
Kahit ano'y gagawin
Para lamang sa'yo

Sabihin mo na
Kung papa'no mo

Ilang araw mo nang 'di pinapansin
Ilang araw pang lumisan
Nakatanga sa harapan ng salamin
Naghihintay ng bawat bukas

Okay, I give up. I'll just listen to this damnable song.

Lahat naman tayo'y nagkakamali
Sinong di nagsasawa
Ngunit kung pa'no babawi sa pagkakamali
Yan ang halaga

Sabihin mo na, kung anong gusto mo ...

This is the problem when you're way past adolescence. lol.