Geez. I do feel nostalgic after all.

I dunno for how long I will not blog, not that I can't blog just about anywhere. I just want to bask in the warm feeling that I'm moving on. I want to forget things, and think of new things.

By leaving this place, I am leaving my history behind it, both old and recent ... all the spectacular moments and good memories of my life's struggles. People I've worked with, the fluorescent lights on my workplace, the files in my workstation that are personal yet I'm leaving them behind, or delete.

I do lament the fact that there are people I truly care for but cannot talk with, and people I yearn to be with but can't. I'll also be cutting ties to people who never give a damn.

I don't want to clutter myself with mental baggage. Because there's one other thing I am willing for a change. But that, ladies and gentlemen, will be the content of another entry.

This is Quentin Montejo signing off. Adieu.