I think one of the most colorful people I've encountered during the past months is this certain kid who hangs around in the computer rental shop just below our condo.

Why you ask?

He's gotta been the most foul-mouthed urchin this side of creation. And I would think he's not yet even 10 years old! He's a bit of a bully, but not really physically intimidating for his age. In fact, he's scrawny. But what he can't do with his fists, he more than makes up for it with verbal abuses and insults -- he makes every other kid in the shop cry XD He puts up with everyone who comes in the shop, well maybe except me and some strange looking people. He usually just sits beside me quietly and watch me play RAN Online.

Now yesterday, as I was usually doing my rounds bashing other people's heads in RAN, somebody let out a really nasty, stealthy fart. The kid, in his most predictable behaviour, immediately begin picking on some other kid with the most abusive verbal insults he could think of, insinuating that he did the deed. A couple of minutes later, the other kid cries (and is fuming) and they went out chasing each other in the usual fashion.

We were all laughing inside at the expense of the poor kid (but it was a really nasty fart I tell you, and you'll really chuckle while closing your nose).

Anyway, I'm not sure how the shop owners still tolerate the bully kid. I think they found it hopeless to ever even do something about it. Personally, I think he's pretty smart for his age. They, however, would nod their heads and predict he'll grow up into some sort of delinquent.

He reminds me of my cousin though, when we were kids.


In other news, Kerberos has reached level 127! I have now learned Upper Jab! Weeeeeeee XD *bounce talon sommersault*