I hated the queer feeling when I'm summoned to high-level meetings (read: bosses).

I'm an implementation person you see, my concern is to how make things work. They're taking me off from my current team because they 'identified' me on something new to do. Yeah, it's exciting but that's not to say my current place isn't as exciting. I mean I like where I'm in now.

I was reading through the printed papers and there's this small crunch in my belly when it went like:

Delivery Project Manager: Sharon Sutherland
Solutions Analyst/Consultant: Brent Rottinger
NG Architect: Cramer Batfield
Admin Perform Enchancements: Timothy Villius
Implementation Team: Quentin the Pale Peon

Oh don't mistake me. I love learning how to talk like I know things (lol).

Hmm. Maybe it's time I buy a suit.